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At prang-FIX we use state of the art equipment, together with the highest quality paints and consumables to carry out an excellent repair.

Some of our equipment:


DuPont Cromavision Digital spectrophotometre

This outstanding piece of measuring equipment works together with our super high accuracy paint measure and a laptop computer to create the bespoke paint colour to match your vehicle, by reading the paint shade and particle content on your actual car.

As well as recognising the colour, this also registers the amount the paint has faded and allows for any previously repaired areas, automatically tinting or shading the paint to create a perfect match.

This in turn allows us to minimise the repair area rather than using the bodyshop technique of simply using the colour code and blending the paint in over a much wider area so any colour difference is not noticed. By minimising the repair to the affected panel only, we preserve the originality of the vehicle to a better extent and use less materials, helping to reduce environmental impact.

We can also use this to match non-standard colours and paint finishes which have no code and this can be particularly useful on kit cars, motorbikes and non-vehicle applications.

Dent removal equipment

We use both traditional dent rods and modern hydraulic, glue and suction dent pullers to minimise the damaged area before further preparation. This prevents over-use of filler and gives a more original finish. Smaller or simple dents can sometimes be removed or reduced by paintless dent removal (PDR) without the need for repainting.

Mirka Abrasives

We carry the full range of abrasive papers and pads to allow staged preparation of bodywork to the highest standards, paint correction and cosmetic repairs.

Preparation and Primers

We carry an extensive range of quality body fillers, plastic fillers, stoppers, etch primers, plastic adhesion primer, high build/filler primers and coloured primer to professionally prepare the area for a long lasting repair

DuPont Cromax paint system

We carry a full paint mixing system on the vehicle to enable us to create any one of over 20,000 paint colours immediately on site.

We exclusively use the DuPont Cromax system owing to its outstanding colour match, along with its superb aluminium and pearl flake matching quality which can replicate the factory finish exactly, especially when used with the calibrated Dupont Cromavision spectrophotometre. This combines most revered and expensive paint system available with state of the art technology to produce unbeatable results. As well as containing the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) of any automotive paint system, this is the preferred choice of many leading automotive manufacturers, including Aston Martin.

Clearcoat lacquers

We use high quality 2k/2 pack lacquer with a separate activator/hardener as opposed to some mobile repairers who use the "instant" 1k/1 pack lacquers which are easier to use but have a tendency to fade, lose clarity, crack or peel over time.

DeVilbiss spray guns

We use the very best available spray guns, specifically designed for highly accurate spot repair rather than complete vehicle painting. These are equipped with PRO-digital gauges for maximum accuracy, plus coalescers and in-line filters to prevent any contamination of the paint finish.

We use separate guns for colour and clearcoat to avoid contamination and both guns can be adjusted with microscopic accuracy for spray pattern and coverage to give a superb finish.

The use of these guns also helps to minimise the repair area, to preserve the maximum possible area of original finish and allow spot repair in difficult places where a standard gun would be unsuitable.

Infra-red panel drying technology

We use high quality, digitally programmable infra-red heat lights which are directable to give maximum drying performance during the filling, priming, paint and clearcoating stages.

Ceramic ESD programmable heat guns

We use the highest quality heat jets with digitally programmable heat and fan settings to assist in plastic remodelling and spot drying operations. These give the accurate performance essential in technical repairs.

Polishing system

We carry the 3M graded polish and mop system which can be used in stages to refresh tired or faded paint, remove any areas of "orange peel" effect paint and accurately match the lacquer finish of new paint to the surrounding area.


Our range of tools ensures that your repair is approached with the correct tool for the job without the need for bodging or improvisation. We also carry a wide range of plastic fixings and adhesives to assist us in our work.

Paint booth shelter

The British weather is unpredictable, so when needed, we utilise our heavy duty shelter to protect us from the elements. This enables us to carry out consistent quality repairs, whatever the weather.


Please be assured our tools and equipment are catalogued with West Mercia Police, in addition to being uniquely marked under the nationally identifiable SmartWater scheme.

All valuables are stored securely away from our vehicles.

We are always happy to discuss repairs and polishing, offer helpful free advice or just point you in the right direction if you are not sure what to do! No obligation; just call 07790 290830 for a chat, email us at with photos if possible or complete the enquiry form

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