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Mobile repair service at your home or office

We offer an individual quote for your repair and then book a convenient time to come to your chosen location, be that at work, home or site of your choice to carry out the works chosen.

By fitting in with your routine or repairing the car while you are working, there is no need for a courtesy car and the repair is carried out within the same day to minimise disruption.

Our repairs are carried out to a high standard using the very best equipment and materials to match the factory finish and return your vehicle to showroom condition.

For further details or the repairs available and the process involved, please see repairs.

Emergency repair service

We are unique in our area in offering an "emergency repair service" and can work out of hours to repair the damage urgently to prevent the embarrassment, strife or financial penalty caused if it got noticed by the wrong person.

Examples of where this service is relevant:

  • Damaging a partner’s or family member's car and not wanting them to know
  • Returning a hire car with damage and having to pay a large penalty
  • Damage caused to a sold car due to be handed over to the garage or new buyer shortly
  • Damage to wedding, funeral or chauffeur driven vehicles
  • Damage to a company vehicle which would lead to problems at work

One example is a car with bumper repaired between 6pm and midnight before leaving on holiday at 4am the next morning. What started as a crisis, was sorted and did not spoil a long-awaited holiday!

Budget repair service

Many customers simply want to get the damage less noticeable and weatherproofed to prevent it getting worse, rather than having a full repair carried out.

Popular with owners of older, lower value cars, pensioners or those on a tight budget, the budget repair service is offered as a cost-effective solution to minor damage and offers a good fix which is a far superior alternative to a DIY repair, prevents further damage or corrosion and costs less than a full paint shop repair.

Even when a seemingly large area of damage looks awful, by cleaning the area, securing loose trim and then polishing out any scratches, sometimes only a minor scuff or break in the paint remains. This can then be accurately colour matched and touched in by hand as a cheaper alternative to a job involving full preparation, priming, colouring and lacquering. This type of repair makes a big improvement to the overall appearance of the vehicle but may be noticeable upon inspection as opposed to a full repair which is identical to the original finish.

By carrying out this repair, the appearance can by greatly improved and further deterioration prevented, at a price closer to DIY repair than bodyshop rates.

We will happily discuss the options and advise what results can be achieved by this type of repair.

End of Lease / Retail preparation

An overall refreshing of the vehicle is popular service with clients with a used car either wishing to keep it for years to come, return it penalty-free to the lease company or get the very best price when selling.

We offer an extensive range of options, including a choice of all our repairs, budget repairs and machine polishing to best suit the client, with the further option of professional photography for the advertising and an expertly written advert if wishing to sell.

Our package is tailored to the vehicle and the client and our feedback for this service has been outstanding.

scratched bumper
finished car

Retail preparation Audi Allroad Quattro

This customer wanted his vehicle to fetch the very best price upon sale and was concerned about areas of minor damage to the car affecting the price.

We discussed the options and the vehicle had a few minor repairs including headlight hazing repair and a thorough machine polish, before we photographed the vehicle for the client and discussed the content of the advert. The finished car looks stunning and professional photographs made all the difference.

Please call to discuss the various options available. This service is our most popular and is also used by clients buying a car cheaply through auction or a private sale and wanting it to appear as if from the main dealer, or having used and enjoyed their car for many years and wanting to return it to as new condition to keep for years to come. The reaction of the client when they see the finished vehicle is worth all the hard work!

We are always happy to discuss repairs and polishing, offer helpful free advice or just point you in the right direction if you are not sure what to do! No obligation; just call 07790 290830 for a chat, email us at with photos if possible or complete the enquiry form

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