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Why not claim on my insurance?

Accidents do happen! Modern cars are thankfully becoming safer but sadly losing their quality of visibility due to thicker window pillars, smaller windows, higher lower window edges, smaller stylised mirrors, more blind spots and more complicated and rounded body shapes. With these factors, along with distracting electronics and numerous annoying beeps and alarms sounding, damage is now harder to avoid than ever before. Even highly professional expert and advanced drivers get caught unawares. Reversing sensors or cameras do not seem to help as many cars repaired are fitted with this equipment and the trend for painted bumpers and big alloy wheels means a minor prang is not just shrugged off like years ago. Gone are the days when cars had metal bumpers and drivers could see the wheels or corners when parking or manoeuvring!

When a collision occurs, resulting in damage, most people assume that their insurer is the best place to sort it out, after all you pay a large premium to cover this sort of thing.

However, it is not that clear-cut:

Most insurers charge a damage excess which means they will not pay for the first part of the claim. For example if you have a £150 damage excess, the first £150 of the repair is paid by you. Younger or high-risk drivers often have a much higher excess.

If you make a claim on your insurance for a repair, this is noted by the insurers and this information is made available to other insurers at renewal time, which goes on to affect your renewal premium. Many drivers do not realise that most insurers do not differentiate between a fault or non-fault claim and therefore you can be penalised for getting your car repaired by them even if it was not your fault.


The resulting increase in premium can be more than the excess payment or the cost of a prangFIX repair and the claim can go on affect the premium renewal price for up to five years-in addition to the yearly premium increases that are now commonplace. Younger or high risk drivers are now finding it extremely tough to get any cover, and when cover is available, it comes with a hefty premium. These drivers are often most affected by any claim, however small, as the insurance company will perceive them as an even higher risk and increase cover cost dramatically or in some cases refuse to cover them in the future. Other providers will then only take the risk for a huge premium.

Reasons to use prangFIX and NOT claim on your insurance policy

  • Cost:
    • Our repair cost may well be cheaper than your insurance excess
    • Our repair will not affect your renewal premium next year or the years after
  • Control:
    • We do not inform anyone of your dealings with us
    • You remain in control of the repair and are not forced to use the “approved repairer”
    • You deal face to face with the person who actually repairs your car
  • Convenience:
    • No lengthy phone calls to call centres or long forms to complete
    • Most repairs can be carried out at your home or place of work, reducing hassle
    • There is no need to empty your car and use an unsuitable or unfamiliar courtesy car
  • Quality:
    • We work on one car at a time and take a real pride in our work
    • We use the best equipment and consumables for best results
    • Most of our work is through recommendation or repeat business-we try hard to please

If you have been hit and it is not your fault, call us before the insurers and discuss our quote with the other party who may not be aware how the claim is noted. The information on this website may be of assistance to them.

Even if your car is repaired without cost to you, you may find the insurer just marks any repair as a claim, your future premiums could be affected costing you money. Why should you be penalised in the future if you were not at all to blame?

With some older cars, a full price bodyshop claim using full price main dealer parts and the inflated costs of a courtesy car for an extended period, plus internal admin fees is less cost effective to an insurer than simply writing it off and paying you the minimum trade value and selling your car off as Cat C or D salvage*. Losing a treasured car over fairly minor damage can be heartbreaking to certain car owners and can be avoided.

If you have caused damage to another car, for example catching your bumper on a parked car, both repairs can cost less than by involving the insurers, with the matter dealt with swiftly and professionally to both parties’ satisfaction. Doing the right thing quickly can also prevent any ill-feeling about having to make an insurance claim, which could in turn lead to a claim covering inconvenience, replacement cars, loss of income and so on.

Whether the repair is to your vehicle, to the other party’s vehicle or (frequently) to both of them, we can resolve damage urgently, cost-effectively and professionally so you can quickly put the event behind you, once and for all. Without the insurance hassle.

At prang-FIX, we are not a controlled franchise or tied-in insurance repairer dealing with massive numbers of cars anonymously and we have the time to treat every job individually, without having to fit it into a particular repair system or set of politics.

This means we have the ability to consider the most effective method of repair, whether this means a budget repair, paintless dent repair, a full paint and panel repair, the sourcing and fitting matching parts or even a combination of these.

“I just wanted to do the right thing-it was my fault after all-and by getting their car fixed properly at their own house, I made a friend not an enemy. Great work, thanks”

“I’ve been driving for 35 years and have never made a claim”

“I claimed for a tiny bump last year and my premium is £806 this year. Why?”

“As soon as I heard the crunch, I cringed, but prang-FIX sorted it in one day-cheaper than my excess and no lengthy calls to those damned call centres”

“My insurers collected our car last week, but no-one know what is going on, the courtesy car is too small and I need my car back now”

“Why should I pay an increased premium next year? They hit ME!!”

Rely on our one-stop, honest, practical approach to getting your damage repaired efficiently. It could be much wiser than making a claim. See our portfolio photos.

Notes on Category C and D Vehicles

These vehicles have sustained damage and the insurer has calculated that the necessary repair (in most cases using their approved repairers and brand new original parts, with the cost of a courtesy car and other areas of claim included) would be in excess of the amount they would need to pay out to the insured to cover the trade-in value of the car, minus the amount the car is worth if sold on as salvage.

There is a thriving trade in these salvage Cat C or Cat D cars as they can often be repaired easily using secondhand parts and sold on for a profit, even though their insurance loss category will be permanently shown on any future HPI report. Category C is also recorded by DVLA.

Category D is the lowest damage category, often relating to panel damage. An example would be a 7 year old Mercedes Benz with minor panel damage to a few panels and a cracked bumper. These panels could be sourced from a breaker in the correct colour and fitted by a competent person to complete a cost-effective repair, but the insurance company would have been quoted to replace the panels with expensive original MB parts and then respray most of the car with the associated cost of courtesy cars and so on. A Cat D car needs no further inspection and can be used on the road immediately once repaired. The category will show on HPI reports and the seller must disclose the repair which can affect the resale value.

Category C is often more than just panel damage and requires a VIC vehicle identity check costing £36 before the vehicle can be used on the road. An example would be a 5 year old Ford Focus with suspension damage and air bag activation. With the correct technique and parts, this car could be repaired by a competent bodyshop and go on to have a long useful life. The damage is permanently recorded by DVLA and HPI and the repair must be disclosed on sale which will affect the resale value.

In both cases, the key is the quality of repair and the parts and skill used. We often repair Cat D cars and can help advise with Cat C repairs. We can also assist in sourcing parts and are happy to fit parts supplied by the owner or salvage supplier to carry out a high quality repair.

We are always happy to discuss repairs and polishing, offer helpful free advice or just point you in the right direction if you are not sure what to do! No obligation; just call 07790 290830 for a chat, email us at with photos if possible or complete the enquiry form

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