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Choosing a Repairer

Modern cars are thankfully becoming safer but sadly losing their quality of visibility due to thicker window pillars, smaller windows, higher lower window edges, smaller stylised mirrors, more blind spots and more complicated and rounded body shapes. With busier roads and ever tighter parking spaces, it is all too easy to pick up damage on your vehicle.

There are various repair options available when a vehicle has cosmetic issues or damage, with the choice of a traditional body shop, SMART repairers or a DIY fix.

Prang-FIX is a highly professional mobile SMART repair business, using the best equipment and materials along with modern environmental processes. Unlike many SMART repairers, we carry out more of the works associated with a bodyshop, such as part sourcing and replacement.

What is a SMART Repair?

SMART repair stands for “Small/Medium Area Repair Technique” which is used for repairing areas of minor accident damage on a vehicle.

This technique keeps the repair more localised than traditional body shop methods, thus preserving more of the vehicle’s original factory finish and being more environmentally friendly.

As an example a repair to scuffed wheel arch edge would be as follows:

A body shop would paint the entire wing and then blow the colour in to the adjoining door and wing, lacquering the three panels.


A SMART repairer would use more specialised spray guns and paint formula to paint only a small area around the affected area and lacquer the single panel, resulting in an excellent match of the factory finish, less use of consumables and less of the original finish being disturbed. At prang-FIX we also use a paint matching spectrophotometre for the very best results possible.

Unlike prang-FIX, a standard smart repairer will only deal with very minor repairs and will usually concentrate the lower part of the car; on bumper corners, wheel scuffs and mirror caps and will not replace any parts.

What is SMART-plus?

SMART-plus takes the SMART technique a stage further and the repairer will carry out the works above plus minor works to doors and bonnets, plus localised minor repairs in other areas. SMART-plus repairers do not replace any parts whatsoever.

Why not use a traditional bodyshop?

The SMART technique has refined the process for small repairs and reduced the time and amount of materials needed for a cosmetic repair. Typically, a bodyshop will book a car in for repair a few weeks ahead and will need it dropping off and collecting from their premises. They will also need it for a longer time, necessitating a courtesy car and the relevant insurance.

It is also likely that your car will driven or moved by numerous people and also be out of sight overnight or for several days, whilst still being classed as your insurance risk.

The longer repair time involved can be due to the bodyshop employing specific staff for each part of the process, rather than a multi-skilled techinician taking responsibility for the entire job. In addition, the bodyshop technique is to use traditional methods and larger spray guns, painting an entire panel, then fading out any colour difference (from using paint simply created from the factory code) along the adjoining panels, which will also then need lacquering.

As well as the increased cost of materials and additional panel preparation labour necessary, there is an environmental aspect to this as well as the loss of originality to more of the painted finish of the car.

Although there are outstanding body shop repairers locally and further afield, for minor repairs, the traditional bodyshop method has been surpassed by the modern, technical approach of SMART which reduces time, materials and environmental impact of the repair whilst still ensuring an outstanding repair.

SMART reduces the hassle, delay and need for a courtesy car.

Why is prang-FIX different?

  • Helpful One-Stop Home Service

    We provide a one-stop service combining the very best elements of a traditional body shop, a technical mobile SMART repairer, a garage which fits parts and a helpful friend in-the-know who will take time to locate those parts from a variety of sources. As part of this one-stop service, we can work in conjunction with our network of trusted specialists, such as expert panel beaters, to carry out a convenient, quality repair.

    We normally carry out the chosen repair at your home or place of work, at your convenience, to save you the hassle of upsetting your normal routine or having to arrange a courtesy car and insurance.

  • Practical Options

    When we look at your vehicle and discuss the repair with you, we will go through the options available and recommend the most appropriate way forward to match your budget and expectations.

  • Quality Repairs

    We use the latest technology, industry leading materials and products, use modern techniques and we care about the results.

    Our use of the highest quality bespoke DuPont Cromax paints matched to your actual car by use of a calibrated DuPont Cromavision spectrophotometre and 2012 ColorNet software, results in an outstanding paint match, reducing the need for “blowing in” mismatched colour across additional panels-helping the repair remain localised. This preserves originality as well as helping the environment.

    We have high quality control standards and strive to delight our customers.

    See our testimonials and portfolio.

  • Locally Owned, Not a Franchise

    prang-FIX is a local family business, based in Leominster, Herefordshire, wholly owned and operated by the repairing technician, Geoff Harvey.

    It is not part of a costly SMART repair franchise whose operatives are under pressure to make money both for themselves and the brand owners.

    These franchisees are tied-in to leasing vans and buying consumables at an inflated price to make the brand owner additional profit-on top of the commission they have to pay for using the name.

    Part of these franchise contracts is usually an insistence on VAT registration which also adds 20% into their quotation price.

  • No VAT To Pay

    Prang-FIX provides a written quote and full invoice for your repair, but we do not add VAT to the repair price. Whatever a VAT-registered repairer charges, one fifth of it goes to the tax man, not on your repair!

    Prangfix offers friendly helpful advice and gives you a choice of repairs to suit your budget. Once the repair has been chosen, we work efficiently to get your vehicle repaired:

    • Without delay
    • To a high standard
    • Without the need for an insurance claim
    • Without the need for a courtesy car

    The majority of our work comes from personal recommendation and repeat business and we would be delighted to discuss your needs and get your car back to perfect condition.

    From a minor chip or scratch to more serious damage, we can help.

    Please call Geoff Harvey direct on 07790 290830 or complete our enquiry form.

    We look forward to meeting you.

We are always happy to discuss repairs and polishing, offer helpful free advice or just point you in the right direction if you are not sure what to do! No obligation; just call 07790 290830 for a chat, email us at with photos if possible or complete the enquiry form

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