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Geoff Harvey set up prang-FIX in Leominster after years of dealing with the repair and upgrading of vehicles as a sideline to a full time profession.

It started young; with cars an obsession by the age of two, dismantling and repainting model cars as a young child and then learning to drive a 1985 Fiat Panda at the age of eight. At the age of twelve, the first car-a 1978 Fiat 126 had been purchased, then a Morris Minor at age fifteen-both enthusiastically stripped and rebuilt. Sixteen saw the first Suzuki 50cc scooter, then a Honda C90, then a geared MZ 125cc motorbike-all purchased from wages from cleaning cars at a Ford dealership.

The driving test was passed and a Lada Riva 1200L started the driving career and the stream of cars to dismantle, learn from, upgrade and move on-now on car number 103 (!!).

The biker in Geoff graduated from the first learner bikes through the bike test and onto a Cagiva Mito, MZ Saxon Tour, Yamaha XJ600s, race-tuned Suzuki Bandit 1200, BMW R110RT and then the BMW1200RT-all of which did a huge mileage in all weathers. The addiction to all things vehicular lead to him passing the automatic bus test, then gaining a manual coach licence and becoming a tour coach driver for a while.

Of the 103 cars, some notable inclusions:

  • 1979 Alfasud 1.5ti; stripped to shell, re-sprayed and detailed for purist enjoyment
  • 1976 Saab 95V4; overhauled after 5 years unused left under a tree-passed MOT first time
  • 1978 Allegro 1.3; restored to as new and shown at various events
  • 1987 2CV6 Bamboo; overhauled and driven fault-free to Prague via Naples and Amsterdam
  • 2000 Vauxhall Omega; rescued and rebuilt for fault-free -28 degree 2500 mile winter Poland trip

The ability to take a tired car and cost-effectively return it to as new or 100% serviceable condition has been a major part of life and the lessons learned have been invaluable. Being able to assess what can be repaired and what is best replaced-and the best way to do that is fundamental to the business. Avoiding main dealer prices and excessive labour requirements is a big factor in bringing a tired car back to life and the contacts gained and knowledge built up over the years have proved invaluable to making the very best of the time and money available.

Over the last few years, the internet has become an outstanding tool for car owners, especially when needing complex model-specific information or searching for specific parts. These can often be accessed via the classified ads on any one of the endless owner’s forums Geoff is part of, or by intelligent use of ebay-through which Geoff has bought twelve cars over the last few years.

The lifelong interest, or obsession, in motoring led to first prize in the Auto Express knowledge quiz when Geoff scored 100%. The prize was awarded a very special opportunity to spend several days with the Auto Express staff team and the racing driver , Owen Mildenhall, carrying out extensive road testing in the Mitsubishi EvoX, Audi S3 and Subaru Impreza STi around the Elan Valley.

Geoff has also appeared in other publications, such as on the front page of Daihatsu magazine and is a regular contributor to many clubs and forums, both learning and helping others along the way.

A friendly, approachable chap, Geoff is hugely positive about motoring and is knowledgeable on most aspects of car ownership including buying, ownership, repairs, maintenance, parts and selling.

He very much looks forward to meeting you and discussing your own vehicle.

We are always happy to discuss repairs and polishing, offer helpful free advice or just point you in the right direction if you are not sure what to do! No obligation; just call 07790 290830 for a chat, email us at with photos if possible or complete the enquiry form

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